Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Seeing stars

For one of my first semester modules, Design Theory 2, I was to complete an assignment based on periodic tiling designs. The task was to split both a triangle and hexagon into a number of polygons and then use these polygons to create 12 periodic tilings. These tilings were to be designed to fit our chosen theme and end use, in my case, a Moroccon themed mosaic tiled patio table. I started by putting together a selection of inspiration pictures and creating a color palette suitable for my chosen theme. Using Photoshop, I then cut my polygons, filled them with my chosen colours and painstakingly created my 12 tilings. Finally, I produced a mock-up of what the final product would look like and a table of costs and method of production.


  1. WOW this is really good, you can definately see the Moroccon theme from the colours, and the table looks effective!

  2. Hiya, I'm currently a second year fashion design student at Leeds currently trying to do this assignment. I was wondering did you use one same square/triangle for each of your designs and just rotate and change the colour of them? Or did you use a different cut up square or triangle for each of the 6 tiles. Any feedback would be much appreciated.